Too Much Sleep Can Make You Tired - Symptoms of Sleeping Too Much

There are two things that all people like to do, regardless of age, race, height, weight, looks, etc. Those things are eating and sleeping. For this reason, many people become overweight or oversleep too much.

Did you know that sleeping too long makes you more tired?

Sleep Well

You would think that if you got a lot of sleep, you would be less tired and could go for longer without needing to sleep again. Unfortunately it doesn't work this way. When you sleep, your mind and body are doing many complex functions such as repairing muscle, organizing memories, putting the things you have learned for the day in the proper places, etc, etc. This process is actually quite strenuous on the mind which is why when you wake up after sleeping too long, you often feel more tired than you did when you first went to sleep.

Symptoms of oversleeping

The most common symptoms of sleeping too long include:

  • Headaches that last throughout the day.
  • Difficulty focusing and remembering things.
  • You feel real slow and out of it.
  • Extra tired during the day.

Sleeping too long may indicate that you are developing a sleeping disorder

If you are sleeping too long, it may be because your body isn't going into deep REM sleep and tries to make up for it by making you sleep longer during the night. Without deep REM, your body isn't shutting down enough to give you body and mind ample chance to repair and recover.

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The good news is, there are cures for all the common sleeping disorders, including sleeping too long at night. Doing simple things like changing your sleeping habits or your diet during the day can have a huge impact on your sleeping quality. For tips and cures for sleeping problems, check out the resource box below.

Too Much Sleep Can Make You Tired - Symptoms of Sleeping Too Much

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Signs of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is when your body does not get the required sleep it needs. Sleep deprivation could be voluntary or not (through a sleep disorder). There are many signs of sleep deprivation. Some are noticeably obvious and some symptoms are not because you may think the other symptoms you're experiencing may be due to another condition you think you have. Sleep deprivation can affect anyone with a demanding lifestyle. If you work hours on your job, or juggling a job and school, you can easily deprive yourself of sleep. Here are some signs to look out for during your day.

One of the main signs of sleep deprivation is not being able to concentrate. If you are having trouble focusing on your work during the day you may need to make an effort to get more sleep. Also, it may amount to more than it as there are other mental challenges in front of you. For one, you may feel you are moving slowly or you may feel someone is physically trying to hold you back. You may find creativity is out the door that day because your brain is not functioning at an optimal level. You may find yourself being short with others because not getting enough sleep affects your mood and mental outlook greatly.

Sleep Well

In addition to the mental signs of sleep deprivation, you may be experiencing physical problems as well. For example, your reaction time in may slow down during physical activity or worse yet, you may even be experiencing aches and pains for no apparent reason. You may even experience unexpected weight gain when your sleep deprived. Also, watch out who you speak to at work because you may be slurring your speech might not be able to control it.

Remember, if you're experiencing any of the above may the simple matter of not getting enough sleep at night. Most people need eight hours of sleep at night. However, most people wind up getting less than that.

Signs of Sleep Deprivation

So if you feel you're not effective during the day, you maybe not getting enough sleep at night.

Need to get sleep?

If you're experiencing signs of sleep deprivation, you can stop it. It's easier than you think.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and reflects an opinion. This article is not a substitute for medical advice. You should consult a physician for medical advisement.

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Overcoming Panic Attacks - The Road to Overcome Panic Attacks

A simple guide in overcoming panic attacks is based upon an individual's acceptance of the condition. If you acknowledge that you have a problem, it is already a big step to make. Nobody can initiate the battle if you don't consent to it. You must be an active participant so that treatments and therapies would be efficient. There are two major options for treatment of panic attacks namely - medical and natural. But, most people are always in search for natural remedies.

Natural means of overcoming panic attacks are safe and with no risk of side effects but what may work for a person may not work for another. Nevertheless, since it only cost you a little or nothing, it may be worth to try.

Sleep Well

1 - Psychotherapy - There are a lot of psychotherapy that are designed to assist individuals to get rid of the symptoms and the attacks almost simultaneously. Professionals and medical health practitioners are the ones mediating this kind of therapy.

2 - Deep Breathing Maneuvers - One of the best way to calm your nerves is to breathe deeply into your nose and releasing the air through your mouth. Deep breathing is always part of the coping techniques for panic attacks. Many people find relief in this technique and relax their mind as well as their body in the process.

3 - Adequate Sleep - One known cause of the condition by deduction is extreme stress leading to anxiety. When we are tired, it can't be avoided that our mind would wander off and sometimes reaches the seams of reality. But, if you have taken adequate sleep, you are giving your body a chance to fully recover before facing a new set of stressors again.

Overcoming panic attacks is simple if you only know how to deal with it by recognizing your weaknesses and building your strengths. You are the only one who can cure your self and not your doctor or anybody else.

Overcoming Panic Attacks - The Road to Overcome Panic Attacks

You never have to wonder whether or not you can find some ways in order to overcome panic attacks. There are certain ways for you to deal with the situation. Many people have already tried it and it worked for them. Do you want it to work for you as well? Find out more here!

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How Behavior May Affect Your Sleep

Human behavior can affect not only the sleep quality but also the ability to fall asleep.

Eating increases your metabolic rate as well as your body temperature, which are critical factors in natural sleep. Body temperature dropping is conducive to good sleep. This explains why you should not eat at least three hours before going to bed. A high body temperature prevents you from falling asleep, not to mention the bloated feeling that may bother you if you eat too much before bedtime.

Sleep Well

You may also have experienced sluggishness after a heavy lunch meal, but that doesn't mean you can actually go to sleep or sleep well. The explanation is that a heavy meal causes your brain to divert energy from your muscles to work with your digestive system. This may disrupt your brain activities, and thus preventing you from sleeping well.

It is better to eat smaller meals than to eat one heavy meal with one or two light meals in between. Eating too much at one meal stresses not just your digestive system but also your brain.

Your eating behavior also includes the types of food you consume during the day. Cheese, for example, is said to give nightmares because it contains tyramine, an ingredient in cheese that can elevate blood pressure. MSG (monosodium glutamate), a taste enhancer in most restaurant cuisines, may cause digestive upsets, heartburn, and headaches, which often interrupt sleep. Yellow tartrazine (E-102), often added to fizzy drinks, candies, and cookies, may increase hyper-activity that may prevent you from falling asleep fast. In short, if you eat unhealthily, you tend to have sleep problems.

Many seniors have erroneously believe that if they drink too much, they need to frequent the bathroom more often, and thus may affect their sleep patterns. However, dehydration may adversely affect the brain, and hence the ability to sleep well at night. To remedy the situation, drink at least two liters of water a day, and drink it early in the morning so as to avoid bathroom trips at night.

To sleep well, avoid smoking or drinking an alcoholic "nightcap."

Nicotine may relax your body and mind, and make you fall asleep. However, once the nicotine is metabolized, it will wake you up in the middle of the night. Research studies at the University of Pennsylvania indicated that smokers took twice as long to fall asleep as non-smokers. To sleep well, quite smoking.

Drinking alcohol may be habit forming. If you have emotional problems, then you must deal with them, instead of using alcohol to obliterate them. If you really need a drink before bedtime, substitute your alcoholic drink with a hot milky drink or herbal drink.

Physical activities, which expand the natural range of movements, may help you sleep well. If your body remains too long in any one position, tension builds up in you muscles, and physical stress causes restlessness that prevents you to sleep well. Do pre-sleep stretch exercise to relax muscles to make you sleep well.

Meditation is an effective way to calm the body and mind to prepare you for natural sleep. Meditation releases any blocked energy that you may have inadvertently attached to any thought; by uncluttering the mind, meditation helps you let go of any restless thoughts that prevent you to sleep well.

If you have sleep problems, maybe your behavior is the culprit. A change in lifestyle goes a long way to help you sleep well.

How Behavior May Affect Your Sleep

Copyright (c) 2010 Stephen Lau

Use meditation to promote natural sleep through relaxing your body and mind. Go to the author's web page: Meditation Techniques. Also, visit the author's web page: Beauty Sleep to get more information on how to get natural sleep. Stephen Lau is a writer and researcher with books and websites on health and wellness, Chinese natural healing, depression, eating disorders, and the game of golf.

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How Water Can Help You Sleep

If you are having a difficult time sleeping at night, you might be surprised to find out that a lack of water in your system is to blame. The human body is a well over 90% water and is not only includes the cells in our body, it also includes the cells in our brain. In order for our body to be in total balance, we need to make sure that it is properly hydrated. This will not only help us to feel better overall, it will help us to sleep and to sleep well.

The easiest way for us to hydrate ourselves and to make sure that we are getting a good night sleep is to drink plenty of clear, clean water. The true formula for making sure that your body is hydrated is to drink one half of your body weight in ounces of water on a daily basis. For example, if you are a 200 pound man, you will want to drink 100 ounces of water every day. This can present a little bit of a challenge for many of us but if we break it up into five or six different drinks, it really doesn't seem all that bad.

Sleep Well

Another thing that you want to make sure that you are doing is getting enough salt in your diet. If you are drinking extra water, your body is going to need extra salt. Just as salt without water is bad for your body, water without salt is equally bad. Take a pinch of salt with every glass of water that you drink. If you find that your body is swelling a little bit, cut back on the amount of salt that you are taking. If you find that your body is cramping, however, that is usually a sign that you need additional salt in your diet.

The most common complaint about drinking extra water for insomnia is that you are going to be getting up more often during the night in order to go to the bathroom. Although this may be a problem initially, your body will eventually adjust and you will actually get up less frequently once your body is fully hydrated. Try drinking this amount of water for one week. Not only will you achieve an overall sense of well-being and more vibrant health, you may just find that you are sleeping better every night.

How Water Can Help You Sleep

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Can You Solve Sleeping Problems, Insomnia, and Sleepless Nights with Sleeptrack?

If you have a sleeping problem and have been on pills to help you sleep, this may be an answer you want to explore. The numbers of sleeping medications on the market today can overwhelm you. Some medications can have serious side effects especially for someone who already has significant medical problems and is on a lot of different medications. Lack of sleep has been shown to be one of the leading causes of loss productivity in the workplace in America.

Many people have resigned themselves to the fact that they will never get a good night's sleep because they feel they have tried every remedy known to man. There are people who don't go to bed at night because they are so accustomed to tossing and turning that they would rather just remain awake until exhaustion sets in. the next morning they are stressed out as they prepare for work because they are so tired and are afraid they will make some big mistake that could jeopardize their job and income. the additional worry and stress makes the insomnia problem even worse.

Sleep Well

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Reasons for Insomnia - 5 Reasons You May Not Sleep Well

Do you have difficulty sleeping at night? Do you wake up at the middle of the night and are unable to fall back to sleep? When you wake up, do you feel tired instead of feeling refreshed? If you answered yes, to all three questions, then you might be suffering from insomnia.

Insomnia is a condition wherein a person has difficulty going to sleep or maintaining sleep. This affects people of all ages especially adults, though children are also prone to insomnia. Insomnia is divided into three classes and these are transient insomnia wherein it last for one week or less. Insomnia that lasts for more than one week but less than three weeks is called short-term insomnia. Long-term insomnia on the other hand lasts for more than three weeks.

Sleep Well

There are many reasons why a person may suffer from insomnia. Among these are:

Stress - If you had a stressful day and your brain is still thinking about that then you will have difficulty in sleeping, since before you can sleep, your brain needs to slow down first.

Irregular Sleeping Schedule - If you do not have a daily regular sleeping schedule perhaps due to an irregular working shift, then this can be one of the causes why you are having difficulty sleeping.

Jet Lag - If you are quite the traveler then perhaps jet lag may be the cause since you travel across time zones and you have to adapt your body clock to the time zone of the current country that you are in.

Alcohol Intoxication - Alcohol intoxication causes dehydration to our body, it may put you to sleep fast but it will not be a restful sleep and you will keep waking up because our body needs water.

Lack of Exercise - Exercise can actually relax your body especially if it is light before bed time. Remember if your mind cannot relax then you will have a difficult time finding the sleep that you need.

There are many more reasons for insomnia, and those reasons have something to do with the lifestyle that people adopt. You might wonder why there are people who do not have a problem in getting a restful sleep, well; it is because they have a very healthy lifestyle. They do not eat heavy meals before bedtime, exercise is part of their routine and they do not have vices such as smoking and others. So, if you do not want to suffer from insomnia consider changing to a healthy lifestyle as well.

Reasons for Insomnia - 5 Reasons You May Not Sleep Well

More Reasons for Insomnia

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Why Sleeping After Eating Is Dangerous

Sleeping after eating is dangerous in most cases. Babies might be an exception, simply because they need so much sleep. Yet, they do not eat large meals like many adults do right before going to sleep. Following a feast with a snooze can be a real problem.

The most obvious trouble people have after eating and then sleeping right away is with gastro-esophageal reflux. This has gotten to be such a common ailment that TV commercials constantly pitch products to lessen its effects.

Sleep Well

People who have this condition suffer from a burning pain in their chest and throat. Sometimes stomach contents will come up into the throat or mouth. This is naturally more prominent when the person goes directly to lie down in bed with a full stomach.

The unfortunate reality is that, while some over-the-counter medications can help, surgery is often necessary if the condition goes on too long. This is one reason sleeping after eating is dangerous. The surgery may be able to be avoided if this one habit is changed.

Another problem with following eating with sleep is snoring. People often eat a heavy meal or snack right before bedtime. This causes pressure on the diaphragm. Snoring is the result. Snoring may not seem dangerous at first blush, but it can have serious complications.

Snoring can often lead to a lack of air. This translates to a lack of oxygen to the body and to the brain. Increased adrenaline can make the heart pick up its pace. Blood pressure can rise, even enough to cause strokes. Brain damage can occur if the loss of air is severe enough.

Sleeping after eating is dangerous for another reason: it leads to obesity. People eat a full meal or a heavy snack and go to bed immediately. In most cases, this means that they are eating right up until the time they are going to bed.

On the other hand, they will likely gain weight by eating just before bed even if they skip meals during the day. Skipping meals generally leads to weight gain if one large meal is consumed instead of three small ones. Obesity is a leading cause of major health problems that range from diabetes to joint deterioration.

Diabetes, in fact, can also be related to sleeping right after eating. Allowing insulin levels to rise just before going to bed is not a good idea. This is how the body reacts to the presence of more food. It creates an unnatural situation in the way the body handles glucose.

The high levels of insulin at bedtime not only cause a disturbance in the glucose delivery system of the body. They also keep the body from producing enough melatonin to help one sleep well. One may go to sleep on a full stomach, but getting a proper night's sleep is another thing altogether.

There are many reasons why sleeping after eating is dangerous. The short term effects can be unpleasant. However, it is the long term effects like obesity and heart problems that are really frightening.

Why Sleeping After Eating Is Dangerous

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Practiced Good Sleep For Senior Citizens

Our senior years should be a time of rest and relaxation, an easy time to enjoy ourselves and savor a lifetime memories. Without the pressure of work and raising a family, we might imagine that sleep problem would recede. But as all too many senior know, reality often takes quite a different turn. Sleep problem actually increase significantly as we age. In fact, more than half of all senior citizens complain of having problems sleeping.

Sadly, many senior don't seek treatment for sleep problems. They attribute like poor memory, loss of sex drive, and daytime fatigue to the natural process of getting older. Sometimes, that is indeed the case. But, very often, a medical sleep disorder is the real cause. Treating the sleep problem can also lead to starting changes in a senior's life and overall happiness.

Sleep Well

Many things underline sleep among senior citizens. Medical sleep disorders become more common. The increased use of medication may cause side effects, contributing to poor sleep. And seniors suffer more medical and mental condition that can harm sleep. The good news is that effective treatments are available for all these sleep problems. Good sleep is possible at any age. The key is understanding the changes that take place in our sleep need as we age, and then getting to the root cause of problems when they arise.

Several changes occur in normal sleep as we grow older. Deep sleep and dream sleep gradually decrease as we move from late adulthood to old age. We wake up at night more often, even more than the typical 12 to 15 times experienced during young adulthood. Our sleep becomes, therefore, less efficient because we are awake for large percentage of the time we spend in bed. To make up for the less efficient sleep, we often start taking naps. Over time many senior citizens settle into a pattern of two daily naps. One at mid-morning and one at mid-afternoon. This resemble the sleep pattern of infants and young children. But senior are not completely coming "full cycle" and returning to childhood sleep patterns. There are far more differences than similarities. For example, seniors don't need lots of sleep during a 24-hour period, as infants do. In fact, the amount of sleep we need deciles as we age although there is some debate on this point.

For many years, it was though that we needed slightly less sleep as we grew older. In general, people sleep about 30 minutes less as senior citizens than did as young adults. But new thinking is questioning whether sleeping less really means that senior need less sleep. Studies have shown that people fall asleep in the daytime more easily during old age that they did as young adults.

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Practiced Good Sleep For Senior Citizens

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How to Sleep Deeply All Night

You can get a good nights sleep by using heat.

You can sleep soundly up to 8 hours when you know that heat is your key to relaxing your body.

Sleep Well

  • Heat is soothing.
  • Heat is relaxing.

Now for your sleep protocol:

  1. Do not engage in mental and demanding work one hour before you retire.
  2. Go to bed around the same time each night.
  3. Going to bed before 10 PM is desirable.
  4. Keep the room completely dark.

You should make sure that you are sleeping in total darkness.  This is one of the keys to regulating your sleep.  If you happen to wake up during the night to use the bathroom, you need to cover your eyes to avoid any light.  The goal is to set up your sleep cycle by  habitually going to bed at the same time in total darkness.  This is one of the keys to sound sleep habits.

Your next key: use heat and massage at the same time...

  • Take a hot bath before you retire.
  • Use radiant heat to relax your body
  • Massage your body gently  as you bathe in heat-  especially massage the neck and shoulder areas.

Your third key to sound sleep...

  • Get plenty of exercise during the day such as walking for 30 minutes.
  • Get more sunlight as well.

Now you have some vital keys for sound sleep habits that work.  You make sure that you get some exercise everyday which includes stretching and walking.  When you retire your body will gradually adjust to these positive activities.

The result:  You sleep soundly all night and wake-up refreshed!

How to Sleep Deeply All Night

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