Natural Treatments For Insomnia - Tried And Tested To Be Effective

If you find medical treatments for your sleep disturbance to be expensive, then try out these natural treatments for insomnia. You can find some of these treatments in your own kitchen or you can even do some of these techniques yourself without the need of a medical doctor.

Herbal supplements are one of the natural treatments for insomnia. The herb, Valerian, has been used long ago to treat insomnia. Now, you can purchase this herb as on over-the-counter remedy in countries such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Belgium. It is thought to believe that Valerian affects GABA, which is a calming neurotransmitter. The advantage of this herbal supplement is that it is not addictive and is safe for use. It is typically taken an hour before bedtime but takes about two to three weeks to work.


Altering your melatonin levels is also one of the natural treatments for insomnia. Melatonin occurs naturally in the body. It is initially produced as serotonin by the pineal gland and is then converted to melanin at night when light exposure decreases. This can be taken as a supplement and is usually taken thirty minutes before your bedtime.

You can also use an anti-anxiety herb such as Kava to treat insomnia naturally. Kava was studied to be effective in treating anxiety-related insomnia but its use for the public is still controlled because of rising reports of adverse effects to the body.

Relaxation techniques, one of the natural treatments for insomnia, are relatively effective in treating insomnia whatever the cause. Such techniques include visualization, relaxation response, mindfulness, Yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation. All these techniques are done to help relax your tense muscle and soothe your stressed brain to lull you into a peaceful sleep.

In order to enhance the effects of these natural treatments, it is imperative that you change your lifestyle also, starting with your diet. Do avoid over consumption of caffeine. You should also avoid ingesting too much sugar as this gives you a burst of energy preventing you from sleeping. The foods you should be eating are those that contain Tryptophan which is a precursor to serotonin and magnesium-rich foods from vegetables and legumes. Magnesium is known to be a natural sedative.

Other natural treatments for insomnia include aromatherapy, light, music, acupuncture and Chinese traditional medicines. All of these natural treatments are alternatives to treating insomnia. They all function to help soothe your muscles and brain and create an environment conducive for sleep.

All these natural treatments for insomnia are discussed thoroughly in my health blog. Visit my health blog so that you can get an idea on ways to treat your insomnia without the use of drugs.

Natural Treatments For Insomnia - Tried And Tested To Be Effective

Learn more effective natural treatments for insomnia to eradicate your insomnia easily and naturally. For more, read why natural treatments for insomnia are better than OTC medications.

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Monitor Response Time Explained

When shopping for a monitor for gaming or multimedia you will see manufactures brag about their response time. Although response rate or latency is extremely important when it comes to games, the manufactures derive this number in various ways.

Generally, manufactures report their fastest time, whether that is gray-to-gray or active black to inactive white and back. They may not disclose which they used to determine their typical time. The formal definition characterizes response time as the time it takes for an LCD pixel to change from completely active black to inactive white then back again. However, manufactures often report their gray-to-gray speed (or color to color). The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) will soon introduce specifications to standardize response time to make manufacturers' numbers more comparable.


Nevertheless, despite the discrepancies over reported numbers, response time does matter. As recent as 2005, monitor manufacturers and gaming experts were recommending a response time of under 16ms to avoid blurring and ghosting. However, a year later we are seeing response times of less than 5ms, or more typically, less than 8ms. This in turn means that game manufacturers are going to utilize these new capabilities and create games that demand this faster response time. Who knows, maybe next year we may see Samsung reporting a response time of 2ms, it could happen.

For now, to view your games at their best, look for a monitor with the fastest time possible; it does matter. Keep in mind that display quality is also important, so look for a high contrast ratio and small dot pitch coupled with a powerful graphics card to give you the best view possible, until next year.

Monitor Response Time Explained

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